Work in Progress: Exotic Chemospheres

Friday 17 June 2022

A diagram of the ‘rainout effect’ on stable isotopes of water, showing the depletion of deuterium and oxygen-18 with decreasing temperature.
Diagram of the naturally occurring nuclear fission reactor at Oklo, Gabon.
Structure of the nucleus of a comet.
How complex could a ring system become?

“Our results verify that PWDs record the accretion of rocky exoplanets, but they also show that those exoplanets associated with PWDs have compositions that are exotic to our Solar System — sufficiently so to require new rock classification schemes to describe their mineral assemblages.”

“…stars can differ significantly from the Sun in relative abundances of rock-forming elements, which implies that bulk compositions of some extrasolar Earth-like planets likely differ significantly from those of Earth, particularly if the fractionation processes in evolving stellar nebulas and planetary differentiation are factored in.”

“Were Earth’s history to be replayed, and thousands of mineral species discovered and characterized anew, it is probable that many of those minerals would differ from species known today.”

A planet orbiting a white dwarf breaks apart.



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